I occasionally give talks at conferences and local meetups around topics including Distributed Systems, Go, Kubernetes, Performance Engineering, OSS and Community. I also serve on the paper review committees of a couple of these conferences where I help decide and curate the programming for the conference.


Papers We Love

  • Papers We Love Bangalore, Oct. ‘23: Keep CALM And CRDT On [slides]

Local meetups

  • Go Bangalore July ‘23: Can We Use eBPF To Debug the Performance of The Go Scheduler? [talk][slides]
  • Go Bangalore Sept. ‘22: Adventures In Optimizing The Kubernetes API Server


  • GopherCon ‘23: Reliably Absorbing A Go Release: Learnings From The Kubernetes Community [slides]
  • GopherCon ‘22: Control Theory and Concurrent Garbage Collection: A Deep Dive Into The Go GC Pacer [talk][slides]
  • GopherCon ‘21: Queues, Fairness, and The Go Scheduler [talk][slides]

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon (KCCNC)

  • KCCNC NA ‘23: The Kubernetes Storage Layer: Peeling The Onion Minus The Tears [talk][slides]
  • KCCNC NA ‘23: The Eight Fallacies of Distributed Cloud Native Communities [talk][slides]
  • KCCNC NA ‘23: Inflections and Reflections from Kubernetes SIG ContribEx on Community Growth & Sustainability [talk][slides]
  • KCCNC EU ‘23: Wildfires, Firefighters and Sustainability - Learnings from Mitigating Kubernetes Fires in the Community [talk][slides]
  • KCCNC EU ‘23: From Automation to Community: A Deep Dive Into SIG Contributor Experience [talk][slides]
  • KCCNC NA ‘22: SIG Contributor Experience Deep Dive [talk][slides]

Kubernetes Community Days (KCD)

  • KCD Bangalore ‘23: Kubernetes and Cloud Native Friends, A Journey of CNCF Maintainers From India [talk]
  • KCD Bangalore ‘21: Imperative, Declarative, and Kubernetes [talk][slides]

Open Infra Days Asia (OIDA)

  • OIDA ‘21: Control Theory, Controllers and Kubernetes [talk][slides]
  • OIDA ‘21: How To Contribute To Kubernetes [talk][slides]


  • PDCCon ‘21: Making Your Controllers Resilient [slides]
  • QPower Research ‘20: An Introduction To Elegant Bizarreness (Quantum Computing) [talk][slides]

Conference Volunteering

I’ve had the pleasure of serving on paper review commitees of the following conferences:

  • GopherCon NA ‘22
  • GopherCon NA ‘21
  • KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA ‘22 (review commitee + track chair)