I am an engineer from India who is deeply fascinated by Distributed Systems. Interestingly, my original love for computing systems starting with Quantum Computing but has since then pivoted into understanding Distributed Systems — a non-exhaustive list of interests include formally specifying intent and algorithms, measuring, modelling and predicting performance using analytical models such as Queuing Theory, reasoning about different consistency models and consensus mechanisms given technical, and sometimes even social constraints of the system, and building self stabilising systems. These are areas I find extremely exciting and I’m hoping I can share some of that excitement through this forum and learn, unlearn and relearn in public.

Apart from this, I also help maintain the Kubernetes project, where I am a maintainer of the project’s storage layer and help out in areas of API Machinery, Scalability, Architecture and Contributor Experience. I am also one of the Technical Leads of SIG Contributor Experience and a GitHub Admin for the Kubernetes project.

If you’d like to reach out, please feel free to contact me!